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Onze wijnkaart

There is more to China Fantasy than good food. We also offer a wide variety of wines to enjoy with your meal. We always have a wine that suits your taste and foods. Can't decide what to take? We gladly help you make a choice.


De lekkerste wijnen uit verschillende streken


Cogmans Kloof Krista

Zandvliet Wynlandgoed, Robertson, Zuid-Afrika
Wide, clean wine with a light mineral character.
€3,75 a glas | €19,00 a bottle

Pinot Grigio “Gregoris”

Giavanni Fattori, Veneto, Italy
Smooth Elegant wine with a full body and a medium aftertaste.
€23,50 a bottle

Zandvliet Chardonnay

Zandvliet Wynlandgoed, Robertson, Zuid-Afrika
Elegant Chardonnay with a classic lemony fruit and soft wood tones in a rich structure
€28,00 a bottle

Vouvray Sec “Cuvée Silex”

Domaine Vigneau Chevreau, Loire, France
Dry and full white wine from the Chenin Grape. Mineral with tones of herbs and firestone.
€32,00 a bottle

Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc

Wairau River Wines, Marlborough, New-Zeeland
Heerlijk zuiver, fris en mineraal, bijna strak met zeker voldoende vulling met een zekere elegantie.
€35,00 a bottle

Sancerre “Domaine de la Rossignole”

Pierre Cherrier et Fils, Loire, France
Dry Sauvignon with fresh citrus accents, floral, mineraly and very pure.
€37,50 a bottle

Chablis Premier Cru “Beauroy”

Thierry et Charles Hamelin, Bourgogne, France
A surprisingly fresh and mineraly bouquet with a strong, dry flavour.
€42,50 a bottle


Plankenbrug “Rooiwyn”

Western Province Wineries, Tulbagh, South-Africa
Creamy, pure with a taste of warm red and black fruits.
€3,75 a glas | €19,00 a bottle

Stone Barn Merlot

Delicato Family Vineyards, California, America
Smooth wine with red cherries and blackberries. Mild spices.
€24,00 a bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon “Belloto”

Viña Leyda, Maipo Valley, Chili
Very distinguished taste with healthy fruits and a clear velvety tannins in the aftertaste
€28,00 a bottle

Chateau Ramafort Cru Bougeois

Domaines C.G.R., Bordeaux, France
Modern Médoc with a classic style. Smooth and a full body of soft tannins
€32,00 a bottle

Rioja Muga Reserva

Bodegas Muga, La rioja Alta, Spain
€37,00 a bottle

Qureciabella Chianti Classico

Qurerciabella, Toscane, Italy
Soft, very precise taste, powerful body with hints of hazelnut and liquorice.
€38,00 a bottle

Chateuneuf-du-Pape ‘Les Clefs d’Or”

J. Deydier et Fils, Rhône, France
Traditionally made wine with wood bearing, a broad, warm taste with a spicy flavour and a deep red colour.
€ 42,50 per fles


Principato Pinot Grigio “Blush”

Cavit, Trento, Italy
A fresh taste of red fruits, light creamy and spicy. Very smooth with a slight aftertaste.
€3,75 a glas | €19,00 a bottle

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